Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Withings Pulse O2 keep Track On Your Oxygen Levels

Withings Pulse O2 keep  Track On Your Oxygen Levels
As there was a competition in the fitness wearable ,withings produced a Blood Oxygen monitor to it new generation fitness tracker.
 They name the fitness tracker as Pulse O2,the company was focusing new life into  Pulse wearable lineup it looks similar products ,such as tracking steps taken,sleep cycle and heart rate .

But now withings has announced the  new health band called Pulse O2.It dose all the useful stuff like monitor heart rate ,distance traveled,elevation,sleep habits and estimate calories burned,But the great feature available in Pulse O2 is  it has the ability to monitor the Oxygen level in your blood.That information is estimated from the Infrared Heart Rate Monitor then established to your phone through a companion application,the device can sync to your Android or ios Smartphone through the day via Bluetooth(which is low energy technology) and you will need to check your corresponding application in your Smartphone to see your data measured in  a day .
Benefits at a glance:

- Steps, elevation, distance and calories tracking

- Heart rate measurement

- Sleep quality monitoring

- Automatic Bluetooth synchronization

- Health Mate app to visualize activity, sleep, trends and improvements.



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