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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Google Nexus 360 concept is a phone you wouldn’t mind owning

Google Nexus 360 concept is a phone you wouldn’t mind owning

Nowdays we have seen hundreds of concepts phones and some of them have even made in to production.Now here is a concept phone which will fullfill all your needs in a single device.

So this Google Nexus 360 concept is a 5-inch smartphone that can bend over backwards to become a smart watch. Great feature, though we are not sure how practiccal it would be to have a 5-inch screen on your wrist.

Another  Important and intresting feature in this concept phone is the sidepanel which contain the e-ink display for notification the other side houses a bluetooth device which look stylus.

A note from gadget research and review  says they “choose the Google brand for this concept since the search titan has always been at the forefront of innovation, and has the flexibility to partner with a specific hardware manufacturer that can build to its spec”. The obvious effort is to try and find a single solution to all you mobile related problems .

Other suggested feature that is available in this concept  phone are Flexible polymer OLED display, integrated fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, tube camera for the wrist and IP67-certification for all weather use. 

Speech To Text In Android

Speech To Text In Android

1)Lets start a new project in eclipse as we created for earlier projects.

2)Change the layout ,we have to change activity_main.xml appearence by using a image button and a text view as show below.
 3)Now you have to code it in java to trigger Speech To Text

4)Open the Main  and replace the code as shown below

      Here i split the main activity files in to two 

5)Now run and test your Project You will get the Output as shown below.


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