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President Obama Plays Soccer With ASIMO the Robot


President Barack Obama had a brief  Honda's ASIMO (Humanoid robot)during his visit to japan at Tokyo Miraikan Science Expo.

ASIMO(Advance Step Innovative Mobility) took a bow and passed a soccer ball to the president,who's said that ASIMO's soccer skills were" pretty impressive".       

Obama seemingly enjoyed a little chat in English with ASIMO,Obama  later said that Android expo where a bit "too lifelike" and "a little scary"for his taste.

Honda has been  working on its ASIMO for nearly 14 years now,and it improved in leap and bounds since it was introduced in October 2000

      Obama said that "Young people like you have more technology and more power than even the greatest innovators of previous generations,so there is no limit to what you can achieve".


 Withings Pulse O2 keep  Track On Your Oxygen Levels
  As there was a competition in the fitness wearable ,withings produced a Blood Oxygen monitor to it new generation fitness tracker.
 They name the fitness tracker as Pulse O2,the company was focusing new life into  Pulse wearable lineup it looks similar products ,such as tracking steps taken,sleep cycle and heart rate .

But now withings has announced the  new health band called Pulse O2.It dose all the useful stuff like monitor heart rate ,distance traveled,elevation,sleep habits and estimate calories burned,But the great feature available in Pulse O2 is  it has the ability to monitor the Oxygen level in your blood.That information is estimated from the Infrared Heart Rate Monitor then established to your phone through a companion application,the device can sync to your Android or ios Smartphone through the day via Bluetooth(which is low energy technology) and you will need to check your corresponding application in your Smartphone to see your data measured in  a day .
Benefits at a glance:

- Steps, elevation, distance and calories tracking

- Heart rate measurement

- Sleep quality monitoring

- Automatic Bluetooth synchronization

- Health Mate app to visualize activity, sleep, trends and improvements.

 ASIMO-(It stands for Advance Step in Innovative Mobility)

                                                 In 2003 the robot ASIMO was remotely controlled,But the programmers programs it with simple task and ASIMO uses it sensor to figure the rest.

    The latest edition of ASIMO can run fast and briskly,claim stairs , dance well,kick a ball and can jump up      in down in and it can only described that's the tantrum of the robot.

 ASIMO is 4 feet tall and 115 pounds has the new features  on each hand with feedback sensors,As we saw  in first demonstration of ASIMO can pick a container which contain full of liquids and pick a  cup in other hand and pour it carefully and set back the container and cup in same place.

When compared to humman its a simple task but for ASIMO its a great deal with Sensor's including the two camera eyes and it sensor's in its hands,the sensor doesn't tell ASIMO that holding something, it also tells what kind of object it was and its weight .ASIMO can track of where its going it can be done through Sensor's.

 The ASIMO's battery still dosent last 40 min and it has a uncomfortable habit of walking in a semi-crouch.
 Honda started ASIMO project in 1986,spending lot of time in developing the communication skill of ASIMO,The ASIMO can understand the handful of phrase and is now quiet adept. Honda executive Jeffrey Smith told us that ASIMO is in the process of learning American Sign Language.

Honda has programmed ASIMO to pause and look at the guest before bending down and placing the cup in the table which mimic's a  simple human act. Helps people to have more friendliness towards ASIMO.
ASIMO remains a impressive  piece of robotic technology.

Google releases the fist Developere Resources For project ara MDK(Module Developer Kit)

                     Google's ATAP(Advance Technology And Projects ) has released a developer resources for project ara  for its Forthcoming  modular smartphone and it provide reference features for various design implements.

what are the project ara consist of?
                     1) on device packet switched data network based on the  MIPI Uni pro    protocol  stack .
                     2) A flexible power bus and a elegant industrial design.

Project Goals:
                              Google says that the phone is designed  to be used by 6 billion peoples including the samrt phone user and the feature mobile user.

                     The MDK also details how Google is considering a discrete set of configurations for parcelling off different sized endos — aka the metal endoskeletons into which the various modular blocks are ultimately slotted.

  Remote Desktop-Google launches the Remote Desktop for Android

Now you can control your PC through SamrtPhone,a great news for  Android user now you can easily control and get access to your PC Desktop Computer directly through SmartPhone or Tablet.

Google launched the chrome Remote Desktop for Android users this week,which lets you access your file in your Desktop PC's from anywhere.

You need to download the Android app from Google play ,After downloading you need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension in a Desktop's Chrome browser to connect to the systems,then grant access for the Remote connection to work and set a PIN code for the PC.

After that the PC name will appear on the Chrome Remote Desktop page,The name to be selected before entering the PIN.Thats it now you are ready to access your PC.

Google Nexus 360 concept is a phone you wouldn’t mind owning

Nowdays we have seen hundreds of concepts phones and some of them have even made in to production.Now here is a concept phone which will fullfill all your needs in a single device.

So this Google Nexus 360 concept is a 5-inch smartphone that can bend over backwards to become a smart watch. Great feature, though we are not sure how practiccal it would be to have a 5-inch screen on your wrist.

Another  Important and intresting feature in this concept phone is the sidepanel which contain the e-ink display for notification the other side houses a bluetooth device which look stylus.

A note from gadget research and review  says they “choose the Google brand for this concept since the search titan has always been at the forefront of innovation, and has the flexibility to partner with a specific hardware manufacturer that can build to its spec”. The obvious effort is to try and find a single solution to all you mobile related problems .

Other suggested feature that is available in this concept  phone are Flexible polymer OLED display, integrated fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, tube camera for the wrist and IP67-certification for all weather use. 


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