Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rich List Field:IN BLACBERRY

Rich List Field:IN BlackBerry


Steps to create RichList View:
    1.From the menu >click new>RichList
     2.As shown in the above tutorial assign a push screen to push a new MyScreen in the method.
     3.Add the images to the resource folder whic we use in the rich list
     3.Then create a private class MyScreen which extends MianScreen.
     4.Inside the method MyScreen set the title and create a label and name it as shown below


   5.Add a new separator field  and create a MainManager.
    6.Create a new RichList and assign the images to the list through the Bitmap as shown below


     7.  Now add each object to the list with the requierd field as shown below

   8.Save  it and run  you can see the rich list view in the simulator as shown above.      

Download Source Code                    


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